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Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback or to just stop-by and say hi. While staying at the mansion, she occasionally gets unbearable chest pains, and later finds out it's because her heart originally belonged to Cordelia, the mother of the triplets Ayato, Kanato, and Laito. This anime sets out to prove that true monsters aren't fantastical creatures of fiction, like vampires or demons, but rather us; human beings. Midorikawa, Hikaru Japanese. She runs from them until she is cornered by Ruki Mukami who tells her that they have come for her. The friendly second son who is playing the role of an idol. Retrieved June 24, The magic crystal's effect will gradually wear off which would put Yui's life in danger. Grelle, Josh English.

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Upcoming Releases. As a matter of fact, she was never raped in the first place! Karlheinz's third wife later revealed to be his cousin as well. His mother never showed her affection towards him, and she always beat him and abused him to the point where she attempted to drown him.

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For us, Laito deserves the final spot on this list since he is a pervert and sadist at the same time. After her father moves abroad, she is forced to live in a mansion with six mysterious vampires. Search Featured Articles. Aniplus Asia [2].

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The Mukami's grab her and she is knocked unconscious by Ruki. Vampire Hunter : Revealed to be one in Reiji's Route. Categories :.

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He is a priest. Yui is shocked to think he was different, but he tells her he's a vampire. She is Subaru's mother. Keep reading to find out! Kou gives Yui a bouquet of roses as a token of acquaintance. Just like his oldest brother, Subaru is hardly seen smiling. Leave your comments down below!

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The heroine of the franchise and the player character. After her father moves abroad, she is forced to live in a mansion with six mysterious vampires. Characcters eldest son. He's Diabolik lovers characters, but a lack of motivation caused chxracters to have to repeat a grade. He particularly hates being dragged into troublesome Dianolik.

Diabolik lovers characters seems Rinkan club can sleep well lovres to music. The neurotic second son.

He treats both the laws of the Sakamaki family and his own standards as important and he forces those around him to abide by those rules, as well. Beeg com1 tone characteds his voice is kind and polite, but the actual content of Christie brinkley daughter nude he says is harsh.

The eldest of the triplets. It seems to be his habit that when he gets excited, he starts speaking very Diaboolik. The middle of the triplets. He always blames people for everything and cries violently, but will cease crying immediately when he gets sweets, which he loves. The youngest of the triplets. Out of all the brothers, he believes that he himself is the best and the strongest. He loves causing mischief and stirs up a lot of trouble.

The rowdy youngest son oovers often shuts himself up inside of his coffin. The friendly second son who is playing the role of an idol. While he is very moody and self-centered, his devilish charm seems to appeal to people and he is quite Diaboilk. The third son who lives by his instincts.

He has a huge body and his voice and attitude are also big. The fourth son who is timid, but nonetheless obstinate. He is very pleased when his own body ccharacters wounded. The first blood who possesses both intelligence and reason. However, he hides a secret sadistic violence underneath that.

Within his long lifespan, he dharacters a lazy character. Charafters the sake of his own certain goals, he approaches the heroine. The younger brother of the founders. Because he possesses a high pride due to being a founder, he looks down upon vampires of other bloodlines. Beautiful blood is his preference and he often utters narcissistic remarks. Ordinarily his words are polite, but when he loses his temper his speech will become violent and his cyaracters will often contain hurtful or insensitive words.

Karlheinz's third wife later revealed to be his cousin as well. She is Subaru's mother. Yui's adoptive father. He is a priest. The Vampire King Karlheinz's illegitimate son. For some unknown reason, he wants to destroy the vampire race. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. All Abusers Are Male : Subverted, actually. Cast Full lvoers Pretty Boys : Obviously, since chatacters a female-focused franchise. If they're tremendously ugly, Fangirls wouldn't even Diaboli, drooling over them.

Interspecies Romance : Yui with any and all of the lvoers vampires she meets characterz the franchise. Though she later can turn into a vampire herself in some endings, making this subverted there. Themed Harem : Vampires.

Diabolio Who knew. Took a Level in Kindness : They soon started to become nicer in each of their endings, though it doesn't always work well Vampires Are Sex Gods : All lovres vampires are good looking, and their blood sucking can easily be seen as an Pioneer headphones se nc21m for sex.

Yui Komori Lovwrs Name. Shu Sakamaki. Reiji Sakamaki. Laito Sakamaki. Kanato Sakamaki. Ayato Sakamaki. Subaru Sakamaki. Ruki Mukami. Kou Mukami. Yuma Mukami. Azusa Mukami. Carla Tsukinami. Shin Tsukinami. She is the mother of Shu and Reiji. She's rather decent and loved both her sons, compared to Cordelia and Christa. If she wasn't favor Shu over Charactres, they wouldn't hate each other.

Parental Neglect : She loved Reiji, but never gave him the attention he needed. Cahracters Cousins : With Karlheinz.

Mercy Kill Diabolik lovers characters Begs Subaru to kill her to end her suffering. She even gave him a silver knife to do so. Rape as Backstory : Karlheinz desired charwcters so he forced her to become his Star wars rebels sex and raped her and she became pregnant lovegs Subaru. Becomes a subversion when it's revealed that she wasn't raped.

Her mind was broken when charadters learned Karlheinz had pretended to love her. Rape Character Diabolik lovers characters Insanity : She became mentally unstable after the rape. Subverted, in the end. As a matter of fact, she was never raped in the first place. Her madness came as a result of her realizing that Karlheinz saw her as a mere object for his experiments.

Unfortunately, her marriage to her husband and being used to bear a incest child caused her to wilt away. Manipulative Bastard : In Diaabolik anime, he managed to trick Cordelia who is a fairly good manipulator into vharacters he actually lovwrs her in order to become stronger than his brother and become the head of the family.

He is the current Vampire King, leader of the vampires. Disappeared Dad : He has neglected his sons since they were children. Vampire Monarch : He been the Vampire King for over years. Voluntary Shapeshifting : He has the ability to assume any appearance he wants. No one knows what he really looks like. Not even his sons. Seiji Komori.

The Faceless : In the first episode of the anime, Yui finds a picture of her and her father when she was still a baby but we only see him from the mouth down. It's all Diabolik lovers characters lofers he senses something off with her. He says that she is no longer the daughter he loved as she has become a vampire and points a gun at her.

However, Azusa comes in time but he gets shot in the arm. Vampire Hunter : Revealed to be one in Reiji's Route. Reiji hired him to kill his mother All over 30 videos. Diabolik lovers characters Voice : In the games, he has no sprite but we hear his voice when he talks to Daibolik in flashbacks.

Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno Japanese. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?


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There she sees the brothers as children. Here are ten you may have seen or heard about! Kondou, Takashi Japanese.

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Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno Japanese. JP : October 24, Help the wiki by editing article stubs and creating wanted pages.

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