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Register Log in. Tiny eventually found the pearls in a giant chest and brought them back to the mermaid, who gave her a Golden Banana in return. Also a participant in Barrel Blast , her high speed is on full display. Mario Super Sluggers. Like the previous bosses he opened the Silver Coin challenges after being defeated. King Boo on Arcade Kart. Rool kidnapped her in Donkey Kong Brawl, and was later used for her Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Pauline on Flame Runner.

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Pornstars: Whitney Wright. CuberHax Character Pack. In this game she is the fastest Kong, but is the worst Kong at batting.

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After a long race with many obstacles Tiny and the others defeated him and again held the final celebration this time without problems. Pornstars: Sunny Leone. Diddy and Dixie carrying a Klobber.

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In one of the images, she is seen riding Enguarde. Gold Funky Kong on Gold Hovercraft. Mario Strikers Charged. Like all the playable characters she has the ability to perform Wild Moves.

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Diddy Kong Racing DS. When the Kongs took the Creepy Castle key to K. Mario Party 9. Darky Rosalina. Tiny eventually found the pearls in a giant chest and brought them back to the mermaid, who gave her a Golden Banana in return. Mariofan's Diddy Kong on Flame Runner. Pornstars: Cyrstal Rae.

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Dixie appears as a secret playable character in Mario Superstar Baseball , her first appearance in the traditional Mario series. Additional help about the blacklist can be found here. He provides them with a space shuttle, and with help of Cranky Dixie and the others are launched into the aliens' space shuttle. During the game she gains different abilities.

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Tiny found another teleport pad which took her to were the Giant Kosha was. Dixie didn't appear in the original Diddy Kong Racing for unknown reasons, but she was in this game to replace Conker , a Rare character. Brawl didn't mention that the two were sisters.

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