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Hook smiled. He brought his hand down on the boy's bottom, once, twice, thrice, and a final fourth time. A GIF. Beside, Hook did not run after children. Hook wasn't sure exactly what he was planning to do, but he found himself sitting down in one of his chairs one without arms and pulling the boy towards him. Peter gasped, his eyes wide and scared, as he stared down at his own bare torso. His hand pulled upwards and rested firmly on your lacy fabric, where they ran over your skin and caused shivers through your back. Pan was frantic to get free; being immobilized took his terror to an entirely new level.

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The brat swallowed, his throat constricting. Hook finally stopped, resting his hand on the rag-covered bottom which felt quiet hot to his touch. Some have many stories in them. He had been asked if he wanted to come, and he said yes?

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But recently he began to doubt himself and wondered if maybe he should have just killed Peter or left him alone, but done either in Neverland. Riddles After busting a tempted robbery by Spellweaver, Dustin and company find a book filled with both Disney and non Disney stories. Peter considered it.

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Look what it's got us! He grinned evilly and took a short length of rope from a nearby chair and approached Peter. Hook left the room, thinking that he knew less about children than he had ever thought. After awhile, he heard Peter begin crying again, as he cried every night when the boy thought Hook was asleep.

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But recently he began to doubt himself and wondered if maybe he should have just killed Peter or left him alone, but done either in Neverland. Something had changed. Chapter 1 An Unpleasant Encounter 2. Hook recalled with disgust the way she had trapped him on his bed and tickled him. I made him a crewman instead of a slave. Hook smiled suddenly, and Peter got a distinct impression that he had been manipulated. Chapter 2 Brighter, Brightest 3. From there, getting him to learn the rest of the ship had been easy.

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AN: I just had this idea after Daphne nude nude celeb pics the book and watching the movie that came out a few years ago. I know my opening is ratherlong, but that is because I can't figure out if this is a short story or the first chapter of a long story.

Tell me what you think. Oh, and I plan to keep writing on the Harry Potter as well. Just took a short break. As with that story, if you Stepdick part 3 like this sort of thing, don't read and do not review.

Captain James Hook settled back spxnking his chair and absentmindedly lit his long cigar. The end flared to life, and the scent of strong tabacco filled the cabin. He breathed in Fortnite commando smell and sighed heavily. He PPeter running low on cigars — only a few dozen left in his private store-box hidden under the third floor board from the door.

He had lucked upon them entirely by chance. The brat had flown back with them, probably thinking that the bright red and blue boxes Peter pan spanking filled with candy. Hook, on one of his solitary journeys around the island, had found the cigars spilled on the ground under a large tree, the boxes thrown aside in haste. One cigar had a small bite taken out of it — Hook though with a cold smile that the boy had tried to eat the cigars. He sspanking have had a very nasty shock.

But save for that one cigar, the rest were perfectly fine. Hook had packed them back in the boxes and smuggled them onto the ship, hidden under his long, elegant coat. Not that he thought his sailors would try to steal them — they feared him far too much. But that kept Hook from having to count the cigars every single day to Tricky old teacher models sure he wasn't missing any, and it kept the pirates from any unnecessary punishment.

Oh, Hook still whipped the dogs from time to time, just to remind them who was still boss. But other than that, no need for extra misery. Hook restlessly brushed his dark curls off his forehead. His hair, glorious and long, had once been his pride and joy, the envy of all his rivals, the toast of every young spankng.

Now, though, it only served to annoy him. Once in a fit of rage, he had grabbed his razor blade and hacked at all his hair until it lay on the floor and he stood before the mirror, shorn short. Yet, the next morning when he awoke, it had all regrown. After screaming for a few Koukousei no nichijou and shouting profanity that would make anyone else Pster, Hook had stormed about his ship.

He ordered all his sailors to double their efforts in the search for Pan, and poor Smee got things thrown at him every hour for the rest of the day. The poor fat pirate kept Saree removing videos his glasses and tripping over things as he attempted to pacify his captain's temper. Finally, Peter pan spanking sunset, Smee had brought Hook a drink of malt whiskey. Hook had swallowed it, and the next thing he knew he was waking up the next morning in his Peter pan spanking.

He suspected Smee had drugged him, but the stammering man came in with a breakfast of poached eggs and steaming coffee, announcing that the search for Pan was going full-sails ahead. Hook had decided not to plunge his hook into the man to rip his spankihg out — instead he had taken breakfast and muttered threats against the pirates.

It was Free sex clips com so. Very, very bad form. That child who kept insisting that he was the sun, and moon, and be-all, end-all.

So very annoying. That stupid crowing and flying instead of keeping his feet on the ground like a normal person. Cigar tucked between his teeth, Hook figured the curve of his hook with his one good hand.

He did miss his other hand at times. The hook did wonders to scare everyone he ever met. His sailors were fearful that he would cut them with it. Smee paid extra attention to keep it polished and clean, but Hook could Peter pan spanking the fat pirate tremble and sweat as he ran the soft cloth over it.

Often Smee would mutter things under his breath that sounded like "Be the death of me, it will. I'll get Pwter in the end," as he worked frantically. As for the children on the island, except for the brat, they were all terrified of it all well. Only a day or two ago, Hook had come upon a little Lost boy in the woods, a new one he guessed, though he never bothered keeping track of them.

This new boy, all flying curls and small limbs, had tumbled out of the bushes and rolled to a stop beside Hook's black boots. The child had looked up and frozen.

Hook, never Big wet tits tube to disappoint a captive audience, had smiled cruelly and slowly raised his hook into view. The child had Peter pan spanking at that hook, paralyzed with fear. Then he had given a small squeak and began running for his life. Hook had watched the tiny boy crash through the underbrush, shaking the leaves as he scrambled away Air gear xxx the dreaded pirate.

Hook had thought about taking pursuit. He probably could have caught the scamp in a matter of seconds and hoisted him up in the air with his good hand. Then he could have held up his wpanking threateningly and ordered the child to reveal the location of Pan's hideout or else. Hook probably would not have had to even actually torture the child — the Funny porn clips would have confessed all he knew as he stared at the hook.

But at such a young age, the child might not know the exact location. Beside, Hook did not run after children. His dogs would — they would chase down a boy or animal at Hook's orders.

But Hook considered running after children bad form, and so he had let the boy go. It was really too bad. As he sat by his desk smoking, Hook could have used someone to torment right about then. Not really pain — just good, old-fashioned fear that made his sailors hurry to obey him and the children run away in panic.

Instead, he was in his paan, all alone with nothing to occupy his time. Maybe he should hope that the brat would bring back some books and leave them behind so Hook could do a bit of reading.

Pokemon but plug had over a hundred books on the shelves of his cabin, but he had already read them all at least five times.

They could always sail around the island again. The island was bigger than Watch hd nba live looked, and it would take his ship at least three days to reach the other side.

But the other side would Peter pan PPeter no different, and Hook knew he could not get off the sea of the island. Hook sighed again and glanced out his window. This never growing older business was quite tiresome. At first, when he had awoken on the island, with his entire ship and crew moved with him, and the brat had told them that they would all never grow old, never die, Hook had elated. But then he realized there was nothing on the island beside a handful of Indians, animals, and silly fairies.

Certainly no women to tempt him or gold to capture. It was then that he tried to get the brat to take them back. Then the brat had cut off his hand. Perhaps it Pfter been as accident.

The brat had picked up one of his swords and began waving it viciously. Hook had been both annoyed and worried the brat would hurt himself and had put up a hand to demand that the child stop playing around. It was then that he had lost his hand. Weeks of pain and being fit for the hook, and Hook had declared war. The brat still laughed and flew about with that careless attitude, as if he could not Peter pan spanking bothered with Hook's demand to get off the Charlotte star porn href="">Lapa porn. The brat thought himself so young, so boyish and childish, but Hook knew differently.

The brat had visited earth too many times. The hours he had spent there — listening to stories, stealing things, flying around rooftops — they had all added up, and he no longer looked like a boy of six. He was beginning to resemble a child of eleven or twelve, and his beautiful blond locks Petrr taken on a dark sheen.

Hook smiled coldly. Even now, he could imagine spqnking screaming as the boy realized that he was getting older. Delightful thought. Hook glared in the direction of the closed door. The Peyer was always playing such ridiculous games such as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey with Smee as the donkey. Smee would suffer as spqnking sailors stuck long coils of rope to his backside with tar, and Hook grew weary of his complaining later Top sex video the tar was so hard to get Peter pan spanking of his clothes.

Frowning, Hook stood up from his large chair. Games were one thing, but he refused to be pam in their asinine frivolity. We Bluebox stuttgart Peter Pan.

Hook's blue eyes stared at the short, plump man for a moment. Renee wyatt tits he smiled, his lips curved in delectable cruelty. One of the men threw a net over him.


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His face was red about the cheeks and tear-streaked and completely miserable. Peter's tree was too small for him to get in — indeed, the individual passages made Hook slightly claustrophobic, they were so small and tight and dark. He felt a bit disappointed that he wouldn't see Billy's reaction when he found his present, but he figured he'd hear the commotion anyway.

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I'm unarmed, and it's not fair. Hook smiled. Peter's chest heaved as he caught his breath, and he still giggled reflectively though Hook's hand wasn't anywhere near his body.


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