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Featured in collections. You have been denied access to this content. The Zenith Scepter gang returns! Description Additional Information Product Description Courtney and Wally normally toy with video games, but now toy with a powerful artifact from the museum, the Zenith Scepter! Within the box is a scepter that grants the holder the ability to do miraculous things like grow and shrink people and make clothes disappear. Now available at ZZZ Comics: www. Was it impossible to take pictures at the museum? Courtney manages to miraculously open an ancient locked box from a museum that Wally took home so he could take pictures of it.

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Which made me wonder, did the author forget how the scepter worked? Yet, that was not how it worked initially. Featured in collections.

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The second was released in early March with art by Black Mamba. Went her top. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or any other modern browser instead.

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You have been denied access to this content. Email required Address never made public. Wally makes that very claim on page 13 of the initial issue. All in all, this was an entertaining read.

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So, does it truly establish your characters as nerds by having them discuss games when everyone plays them? Already a deviant? Image size. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Collectors Edition is 55 pages! Within the box is a scepter that grants the holder the ability to do miraculous things like grow and shrink people and make clothes disappear. The story begins with Courtney and Wally playing a video game. They seem out of place.

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Jump to: navigationsearch. Stygian Axe. Centurions Claw. Zenit Mace. Seathunder Pistol. Wayward Wand Scepter. Fiery Dragon Sword. Chimeric Prism Focus. Diamond Aegis Shield. Flaming Beacon. Mountaincall Warhorn. Ithas Longbow. Wheelock Rifle. Living Short Bow. Gnarled Walking Staff. Zenith Reaver Skin. Zenith scepter Kris Skin. Zenith Mace Skin. Zenith Pistol Skin. Zenith Zcepter Skin. Zenith Blade Skin.

Zenith Scroll Skin. Zenith Flame Skin. Zenith Ward Skin. Zenith Harbinger Skin. Zenith Avenger Skin. Zenith Sceptef Skin. Zenith Recurve Bow Skin. Zenith Rifle Skin. Zenith Short Bow Skin.

Zenith Spire Skin. Zenith Wake Skin. Zenith Impaler Skin. Zenith Trident Skin. Pinnacle Reaver Skin. Pinnacle Kris Skin. Pinnacle Mace Skin. Pinnacle Pistol Zenith scepter.

Pinnacle Cesta Skin. Pinnacle Blade Skin. Pinnacle Scroll Skin. Pinnacle Flame Skin. Pinnacle Ward Skin. Pinnacle Harbinger Skin. Pinnacle Avenger Skin.

Zenith scepter Pinnacle Thunder Skin. Pinnacle Recurve Bow Skin. Pinnacle Rifle Skin. Pinnacle Short Bow Skin. Anime help Pinnacle Spire Skin.

Pinnacle Wake Skin. Pinnacle Impaler Skin. Pinnacle Alexandra sivroskya Skin. Spirit Smith. Zenith scepter Branded Backpiece. Black Citadel Engine. Divinity's Zenith scepter Rucksack. Grove Hydria. Hoelbrak Scfpter Pack. Rata Sum Apparatus. Luminous Zenith scepter. Luminous Dirk. Luminous Flange. Luminous Shot. Luminous Zenith scepter. Luminous Saber. Luminous Curio. Luminous Zenitg.

Luminous Vigil. Luminous Ward. Luminous Zenith scepter. Luminous Arc. Luminous Caliber. Luminous Repeater. Luminous Pillar. Scion's Claw. Favor of the Colossus. Hellfire Lora ottenad Skin. Radiant Backguard Skin. Light Baroque Mask. Medium Baroque Mask. Heavy Baroque Mask. Heavenly Light Bracers. Heavenly Adult cartoon cool Bracers. Heavenly Heavy Bracers. Sceprer Light Diadem.

Icelord's Zenith scepter Diadem. Zenith scepter Heavy Diadem. Fire God's Light Vambraces. Fire God's Medium Vambraces. Fire God's Heavy Vambraces. Iron's Tailpipe Bandana. Hellfire Vambraces Skin. Radiant Vambraces Skin. Hellfire Mantle Skin. Radiant Mantle Skin. Hellfire Warhelm Skin. Radiant Warhelm Skin. Hellfire Greaves Skin.


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Now available at ZZZ Comics: www. Devious Collection 9 by beastboy Then she decides to have fun with Wally and the gymnasts but first she makes Wally much bigger while he is having sex with the girls giving them too much to handle, and then she turns the table on them giving the shrunken basketball girls a growing boost!

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