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She made her way to the landing bay where she helped her Master and the clones fight against B2 super battle droids and 88th Flight. Tano also remarked that her former friend Barriss Offee, for all her treachery and atrocities, had been right that the Jedi and the Republic had taken the wrong approach to the Clone Wars. However, her future choice to leave the Order further pushed Skywalker towards the dark side. Bridger also found an old crossguard lightsaber. Despite instructions from both Kenobi and Skywalker to retreat, Tano continued to engage the battle droids, insistent on continuing the defensive and refusing to run. Koon informed them that the "secret weapon" that the Separatists were using was an ion cannon that disabled all electronic systems, rendering their ships defenseless. The Master and the Padawan by godai78 reviews A dark Sith lord meets his past in a death duel on a forsaken planet on the outer rim of the Galaxy. Tano was left with Amidala by her master so that she could try to understand politics. The arrival of Imperial rule saw the introduction of new restrictive measures including night curfews, rules forbidding large group meetings, and restricting cantinas' operating hours, food, and alcohol.

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Above in the upper-deck level of the hangar, clone troopers Denal and Koho engaged Bane in a brief duel, which cost the lives of both clones. Although the traitor Captain Argyus and the Rattataki assassin successfully rescued Gunray, it was not a total loss because the ship could be tracked. While chained in her prison cell and attempting to free herself, Tano was approached by a diminutive and seemingly harmless creature. Tano knew that any hope for survival depended on neutralizing the hunters and thus, drawing on her military experience, she devised a plan to retaliate against the hunters.

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Tano also remarked that her former friend Barriss Offee, for all her treachery and atrocities, had been right that the Jedi and the Republic had taken the wrong approach to the Clone Wars. She fought along side him in many battles, and other Jedi. Though Nu was unable to help, she introduced the Padawan to Tera Sinube , a Jedi Master who possessed vast knowledge of Coruscant's criminal underworld. Tano, along with her master Skywalker, Kenobi, and Captain Rex by the Jedi Council to train and assist the rebels of Onderon in their fight against King Sanjay Rash and his Confederate occupation forces.

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They want Anakin to tell them stories, so he does. Eventually, Tano was able to leave Malachor and sometime after the climactic Battle of Endor , she traveled to Lothal on a T-6 shuttle to meet with Wren, who sought to search for Bridger. She refused the Jedi Council's offer to rejoin the Order, instead departing in search of a new path.

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Though she was discovered and ambushed by General thanks to the betrayal of R3, she managed to escape into the ventilation shaft and rendezvous back with the rest of the crew and the newly rescued R2. Tano searched the bedroom for any of the men who killed Movers, where she was ambushed by another female, bounty hunter Cassie Cryar , who is in possession of Tano's lightsaber. The two Jedi hid inside a box while the droid tanks moved around them. During the conflict, Captain Rex and Clone Sergeant Boomer were captured by the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was on the run after stealing the Gravitic Core, a part of Separatist scientist Kul Teska's newly developed superweapon. Tano took a particular interest in Syndulla's rebels because one of their members, a former Jedi named Kanan Jarrus , had begun to train his own Padawan, Ezra Bridger. Tano was a confident and moralistic person, and a firm defender of the innocent. Tano had a brief duel with Ventress before her Master picked her up on the back of a Can-cell , followed by astromech droid R2-D2.

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While Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's clone troopers prepared to be frozen in carbonite in order to sneak into the Citadel undetected, Tano confided in Master Plo Koon in regards to her master's decision, believing that the risk of her own life should be left up to her rather than Skywalker. However, unbeknownst to her, a female Clawdite bounty hunter had taken the appearance of Enisence to infiltrate the Jedi Temple. While monitoring transmissions from Mustafar, Tano discovered that the Empire's Inquisitors had a secondary mission which involved kidnapping Force-sensitive children. Would you like to comment?

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When he commanded Tano to hand over the dagger, she complied with hesitation, ignoring her master's final attempt to urge her to resist the dark side. Tano comforted the grandmother and promised to find her grandchild. After dispatching a group of B2 droids Tano stood back and watched as Chuchi interrogated and then blackmailed the captain into compromise. Thus, he personally confronted Plo Koon and asked if the Jedi Master was responsible for attaching Tano to the team.

The Padawan Lives: The Return of Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars Rebels

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