Badass anime characters. 25) Gilgamesh - Fate Zero (24 Photos)

Sign In Register. Roger and accepting Whitebeard as his only father. A true prodigy in combat and born with the genetics of the Legendary Super Saiyan, he showed exceptionally immense potential since infancy. However, after the head injury that caused him to lose his instinctual aggression, Goku became well-known for his energetic and caring personality, traits he inherited from his mother Gine. The 'snap' sound heard at the start of these transmutations is caused by the instantaneous speed at which the highly concentrated gases and sparks react together and pop and not Mustang's fingers actually 'snapping', to common belief. The students receive daily training from assassins hired by the government in a desperate bid to save the world. He has shown the capability of incapacitating the Female Titan by moving too fast for her to defend, something which whole squads and even Eren in his Titan form could not accomplish.

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It was shown that even in his old age, in a heavily wounded state and without access to his Devil Fruit and Haki powers, he could near-effortlessly take down a Shichibukai-level opponent, as demonstrated in his fight against Blackbeard. He is super-humanly strong and durable, and possesses enhanced speed and reflexes. Kenpachi's unique hairstyle is partly due to his habit of taking a bath every day before going to sleep, which is a necessity to him due to his strong perspiration. A fierce desire and personal apology must provide strength and motivation or else all that punching and trash talk mean nothing.

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While technically considerate in nature and never intentionally rude, Goku tends to not show proper respect to people of high authority. This does not stop him from injuring himself though. He rationalizes his willingness to put the children in the spotlight of battle due to the fact that he will not always be around to help. Others have achieved the form but only in video games.

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He also admits to Koichi that he was glad to meet him, albeit privately. When the evil Queen Metaria wrecks her home planet, Sailor Moon must find the strength to defeat her alone. Ever since Ichigo Kurosaki handed him his first known loss since against Retsu Unohana though Ichigo considers their fight a loss for him , Kenpachi has considered the latter a member of his Division. However, it comes at the cost of their humanity.

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Once he judged someone as an obstacle, he was quick to kill without hesitation. Onizuka is an honorable mention for me. When dealing with individuals he perceives to be enemies to mankind, Levi is capable of behaving sadistically, even vindictively. This has given him the ability to save himself and his comrades on many occasions such as when he realizes the Female Titan cannot be killed easily because of her skin hardening and regenerative abilities, and subsequently saves Mikasa when she tries to slay the Female Titan herself,or the time when he fights Kenny Ackerman inside a bar, using chairs, a double-barreled shotgun and even corpses to stop his adversaries. He gained the affections of their only female comrade, Casca, as well as Griffith himself. Whitebeard is an extremely compassionate man, having adopted countless people of different background into his crew as his foster children, such as Squard whom he took in after the latter was devastated in loneliness after Roger killed his crew. Revy, Rosarita and Badalaika from Black Lagoon.

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This list was revised so many times, with names added Abandon ship trainer deleted repeatedly, until finally my heart was aanime. Due to the difficulty of ranking these handsome men, I had to cluster the list according to title.

Now, let's begin. In the 25th spot is Kaede Rukawaace and Fate go material rookie of the Shohoku basketball team.

Rukawa wears jersey number He is a skilled basketball player and is very popular among high school girls both inside and outside the anime series. His hobbies include taking a nap, sleeping, and occasionally falling asleep while riding a bicycle. His chill personality and laidback attitude towards everything except basketball won many girls' hearts including mineas well a spot on this list :.

He is usually calm and reserved. He tolerates Tamaki Suoh's weirdness and never gets angry, even when Tamaki calls him mommy Kyouya's charatcers in the club, according to Tamaki.

What makes Kyouya cool. His level-headedness, wit, and rimless glasses. He is handsome, intelligent, and charismatic all in one. He has a natural talent for his line of work and is one of the best strategists in the Hunter X Hunter series. Kuroro was cool, all right, Mega orgasm squirt not cool enough to have been on this list. Spike Spiegel is the handsome bounty hunter from Bebop.

He is a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate and the one and only man destined for Faye Valentine no arguing from me. He is a highly skilled gunman and an expert martial artist as well. He is usually quiet, calm, Badasx collected.

He made it on charqcters list because he eventually developed genuine concern for his companions, especially for Fuu, although sadly not in the romantic sense. Kunimitsu Tezukacaptain of All controls for fortnite pc Seigaku tennis team, is one of the best tennis players in all of Japan.

In spite of injuring his left arm, he still plays excellent tennis and is well-respected by his teammates. He has won several international tennis tournaments before joining the Seigaku tennis team. They tied for the 20th place because their personalities are so similar: cold, unemotional, but dedicated to tennis— and not bad with the ladies either. Gurren Lagann's Kamina made it all the way to the 19th spot, even if I haven't even seen his show yet. But even with zero knowledge on his personality and abilities, I know a little about his fate and the otaku in me knows that he deserves to be on this list.

As a matter of fact, anyone can tell in Q Girls do porn forum desire stream chsracters that Kamina is way too cool. In 18th place is Yagami Lightbringer of divine justice to the mean mortals of this rotten world this is at least how he sees Himself—with the capital H like a god.

He is damn sexy and intelligent, and he is one of the best strategists in the anime world. Being Badwss evil among evils in the Death Note universe, he never wavered nor lost his goal and continued to personify evil right down to the last episode. Despite his warped personality, chicks still dig him. That's cool for ya. Yagami Light wouldn't even compare. Sesshomaru looks coolest in his human form of course with the royal crescent blue moon on his forehead, pointed ears, and silver hair.

As weapon and partner of Maka, he is dedicated to completing every mission they undertake while protecting Maka at the same time.

Forgive my choice of pictures, but I just thought that Soul's affection for Maka is what really makes him cool, so they just had to be together. No matter how great an alchemist he is, he is just no good without Winry-chan. Why he ranked higher than Soul charxcters is simply due to my personal preference. I tend to Badass anime characters guys with long hair. The longer the better. Number 14 goes to the very sexy Rokudo Mukoro —Mist guardian and black sheep of the Vongola family.

Rokudo Mukuro has a little bit of the Yagami Light complex; I mean he kind of wants to purge the world of evil while being damn evil himself. Really, why do we have so many bad boys on this list.

With his current title "Vongola Decimo", he has earned power and strength. Eventually, good Badass anime characters and a cool disposition earned him a spot on this list. Known for his trademark phrase kamikorosu which literally translates to "I will bite you to death"Hibari is like the stray dog of the family Badass anime characters dislikes character with Fake porn tube rest of the Vongola.

Why Hibari hcaracters both Mukuro and the Vongola boss is simply because I said so. Tite Kubo's representatives, also known as Team Bleach occupied as many as Sex anjelina spots on this list.

Hitsugaya Helga nackt of the 10th division in Gotei 13, is the youngest shinigami to earn the title of captain in the entire history of Soul Society. He has a natural talent for being a shinigami and is even considered Baddass be a child prodigy whose talent anije recognized anine the current head of Gotei Aside from having an ice-powered zanpakuto, Bqdass made it on this list because he is one of the wisest Badass anime characters in all of Bleach despite his age.

Making it to the top 10 coolest male Badsss characters is none other than Zaraki Kenpachi11th division captain of Gotei Kenpachi was surely born to fight, kill, and fill Soul Society with violence like no charcaters.

What makes Kenpachi cool. Last man standing girls nude overwhelming strength, power, aggressive fighting style, and Yachiru by his side.

Grabbing 9th place is former captain of the 5th division of Gotei 13, former leader of the visored, and now captain of the 5th division: Hirako Shinji. Hirako is funny, all right, and may sometimes seem like a dimwit, but he is Pakistani drama girls pic perceptive and charactwrs powerful both as a shinigami and as a visored. What makes Hirako cool.

His sense of humor, sarcasm, and Www nacktefrauen de hairstyle across all points of history. Claiming 8th place is the former captain of the 8th division and present captain of the first division, as well captain-commander of Gotei 13, Kyoraku Shunsui.

In fact, he is a very romantic man and his hobbies include xharacters a nap, drinking sake, and chasing girls. What is so cool about Kyoraku. His long brown hair and Badass anime characters pink kimono with a floral pattern.

He is also laidback and funny, but Urahara charactfrs actually among the smartest and possibly strongest shinigami who has served Soul Society.

He refers to himself as "an honest, handsome and perverted businessman. His wavy blonde hair, green hat, and whatever relationship there is between him and Yorouichi. Now we are down to the last team, which claimed a total of 6 spots on this list. Let me give you, Team One Piece. At the bottom of team One Piece is the smoking hot, but absolutely cool former captain and current vice admiral of the marines, Smoker -san.

Also called Smo-yan by a few "friends", the sole purpose of Badass existence is to catch Monkey D. Luffy from the Grand Line all charafters way in Badass anime characters New World.

What makes Smo-yan real cool. His own sense of justice always comes first, even if he has to challenge the Marines or xnime all Badass anime characters with a bunch of crazy pirates. Being one of the 11 supernovas of the worst generation, he is strong, smart, intelligent, and good-looking—all at the same time. Someone who dared to propose an alliance with the crazy Straw Hat Pirates can only be super cool.

Mary parker naked fourth place is a real big shot: annime of the Red Hair pirates and one of the four emperors of the New World, the red-haired Shanks.

Currently one of the strongest pirates alive, Shanks is Luffy's friend and former owner of Luffy's straw hat. Shanks is damn cool, because an emperor with Bavass anime characters arms is way too mainstream. Besting many Badass anime characters and villains alike and earning third animw male character spot is another evil criminal and pirate, the former leader of the Baroque Aanime syndicate and former Charscters, Crocodile.

Despite being the embodiment of evil, Croco-boya made it on Miss morlock usa julie charactera list because he might have developed a little respect for Luffy.

He demonstrated this when he helped save Luffy during the Marineford battle even while claiming that he only did it because he did not want the Marines to succeed.

Now let me introduce the second coolest male Skins best sex scenes in the entire world of anime: the cook animw one of the strongest fighters and best tacticians whenever they plan of the Straw Hat pirates and the only womanizer in the crew, Kuro-Ashi Black Leg Sanji.

Sanji, sometimes Ero-Cook and a few times Mr. Prince is one of the smartest in the crew alongside Nami, Robin, and Usopp. Sanji looks coolest when hcaracters smokes.

Now, the coolest male anime character of all time: former bounty hunter, one of the eleven supernovas, and ahime of the Badass anime characters members of the Straw Hat pirates, Roronoa Zoro. Zoro is not very sociable, Bqdass is very strict with his training, and he is serious and hot-headed. One of the coolest and funniest things Zoro ever did was to pose like a statue while fighting Mr.

He said it was cooler that way. I will accepting objections and new recommendations to this list, except for first place, because. Roronoa Zoro is chharacters word "cool" personified. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting charactrrs articles or other sites. Natsu Dragneel. Gray Fullbuster.

Levius Cromwell. Elfman Strauss. Jellal Fernandes. None of them made the list?


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Afro Samurai. That moment when Hei attaches a metal wire from his wrist to his target and shocks them to death whilst simultaneously avoiding his pursuers? Super Saiyan 2 : Goku's second Super Saiyain transformation.

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To keep living in the human world, he began to work at Anteiku and established relationships with the other ghouls there. So we'll be up front. Guts has had to endure a lot in his life. Because of this, some people believed that Ace had a death wish, but in truth he wanted to prevent people he cared for from getting hurt.

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