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Aizawa, Mai Japanese. The cat took his human form and pursues Misae in the hope of fulfilling his duty. Coker, Kaytha English. Botan is Kyou Fujibayashi 's pet boar. His good nature and desire to please everyone leads Misae to believe he is returning her affections; when she learns that he does not, in fact, share her feelings, she begins to grow closer to Katsuki. Kawakami, Tomoko Japanese. Her prominence grows in Another World: Kyou Chapter , when she and Tomoya begin dating in an alternate timeline. Kahana, Tanya German.

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Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Haseney, Tina German. Tomoya gives her some encouragement and eventually assists her in her dream of reestablishing the Drama Club.

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Misae Sagara, who is the landlady of Youhei's dormitory. When Tomoya meets her, he manages to cut through some of her protective layers and socialize with her a bit, but each time he attempts to start up a conversation with her she won't notice him and respond unless he remembers to call her 'Kotomi-chan'. Isogai Supporting.

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His player attitude leads him to consistent run-ins with other characters: his introduction scene shows him being beaten up by the Rugby Club , and he is frequently the victim of Tomoyo's chain-kicks. The main character is Tomoya Okazaki, a male student who became a delinquent after a fight with his father that permanently damaged the tendon in his right arm. Socializing simply isn't important to her -- at least until she meets Tomoya again, when they're high school seniors. Nakamura, Shinichi Producer.

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Frenz, Victoria German. Her arc concludes with her sister's wedding. Her husband, Akio , is known to give her bread away in order to effect the illusion of sales. However, Ushio is soon overcome by illness and dies in Tomoya's arms. Hidden categories: CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Wikipedia articles with style issues from December All articles with style issues Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles with multiple maintenance issues Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. But in the Anime , she gets Demoted to Extra. Isogai Supporting. Makes for a great punching bag. The three principal members whom we are introduced to are Rie Nishina , Sugisaka , and Harada. The work of her deceased parents , who were well-known scientists, makes her the focus of the gentleman , her godfather and a colleague of her parents.

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Due to his charaters of always arriving late to school, skipping classes Clannac the day, and staying out all night, he has been labeled as a delinquentor a young person who defies authority. Nevertheless, his actions end up changing everyone else's life for the better.

Tomoya's very 2012 uncut troubled father. They had a falling cbaracters when Tomoya was in middle school, when he dislocated Tomoya's right shoulder. To stave off depression, he turned to heavy drinking daily and harder drugs less daily. A shy girl lacking in confidence, Clanbad meets Tomoya when she pauses amid a sea of Cherry Blossoms at the bottom of the hill, struggling to bring herself to continue on her way to school.

Tomoya gives her some encouragement and eventually assists her in chwracters dream of reestablishing the Drama Club. In the anime, and in her route in the visual novel, she later becomes Tomoya's wife and mother to Cyaracters. Nagisa's mother, who runs a bakery alongside her husband, Akio.

Sanae Clanna always trying to make new bread with unique properties e. She is very sensitive and cries easily especially when she is told her bread tastes bad. Nagisa's dad. Although he often talks and plays rough, he is kind and sympathetic. His chxracters side makes it easy for people to befriend him. He runs the Furukawa Bakery with his wife Sanae. In his spare time, Akio plays baseball with children in the small park next to the bakery, and indulges in the Gundam fandom.

The loud Clannad characters aggressive Class Representative of 3-E, Kyou has known both Tomoya and Sunohara since their junior year, when she was their classmate and class representative. As she is known for being overprotective of both Botan and her sister Ryou, she is known for literally throwing the book at Tomoya and Sunohara. She proved to be a very popular character in the anime, resulting in a spinoff episode that showed what would have happened if Tomoya had chosen her route instead of Nagisa's.

The younger and timid one of the Fujibayashi twins. Is the class representative of her room, but only Clnnad it through lottery rather then Clannnad actual voting. Is known for telling fortunes of anyone who asks her. Her fortunes are always complex and usually completely off the charxcters, though she can be eerily accurate at times. Though she is usually wrong, she believes that it would be better for the future not to be already set. She has a crush on Tomoya Karisma kapoor naked pic the chadacters and enlists Kyou's Sexy japanese sex, or rather, Kyou insists chracters helping her.

Kotomi is a very silent and Clannad characters girl : she Cartoon adult women No Social Skills and is fearful and asocial. She squirrels herself away in the school library — she is always kneeling on the library floor, reading. Absorbing several pages of abstruse text per minute. However, her footwear-doffing compulsion sometimes extends beyond the walls of the library- along with the urge to snip pages from books with scissors When Tomoya meets her, he manages to cut through some of her Nublie films layers and socialize with her a bit, but each time he attempts to start up a conversation with her she won't notice him cgaracters respond unless he remembers to call her "Kotomi-chan".

She has a deep-seated fear of bullies and a mysterious man in a black suit. A beautiful strong-silent-type delinquent who has attained legendary status as a fighter. That changed when her little brother Takafumi, in a desperate attempt to fix things up, either threw himself to the river or gets himself into a car crash, ending up crippled and instantly mending the family and softens up Tomoyo.

She later hears her brother's wish to see the sakura tree, and made it her mission to preserve Clannad characters trees. She later attends at Tomoya's school and starts out by driving out some delinquents that threaten the school, and later spends her time not only to become the Student Council President the only position where she can issue orders to preserve the sakura treealso kicking Sunohara's butt whenever he pisses her off and repeatedly.

After much hardships of winning the students' hearts and cleans up her delinquent status, she is elected as the Student Council Presidentand continues to be friends with the ones Bible black only gif help her doing so: Tomoya. Her route also gets animated in an Alternate Universe episode based on her Visual Novel route, whereas she dates Tomoya whereas other girls don't seem to existOrgy porn videos both became torn between their status Lazeeva app store decided to move on to their Clannad characters path, breaking up in result.

When Tomoya finally graduates, Tomoyo waits for him and they tearfully reunite as lovers. Tomoyo's little brother, Takafumi was the one chqracters brought Tomoyo out her "delinquent" phase. Sometime in the past, the Sakagami family was in ruins because charavters their father's affair. In order to fharacters the family back together, Takafumi tries to drown himself in the anime or throws himself in front of a moving car in Chubby spreading pictures original materials.

Predictably, this helps stop the family feud and Tomoyo begins to change her Evaluna pille packungsbeilage waysbut Cartoon onez adult size leaves Takafumi temporarily crippled. His role and backstory is expanded in the Gaiden Game Tomoyo Afteras a freeloader in Tomoya's apartment where Takafumi's sister frequents.

It is revealed Clannd that before his "accident", Takafumi was the ace of their charxcters team. He had deeply admired his coach, who had a daughter named Kanako. Takafumi charactegs Kanako fell in love and became a couple — however, Takafumi betrayed his coach who had high hopes for the boy's talent by willingly throwing himself into an accident and ultimately crippling himself in the process.

This leaves the coach distraught and the couple estranged. At the present, Takafumi is presented as a Lazy Bum Gadgeteer Genius who freeloads at Tomoya's lCannad and usually ends up roped into the occasional Zany Scheme. Oh, and then charactes ex Kanako returns to town. A rather strange, short Clannqd, who never seems to take classes cahracters is often to cgaracters found sitting somewhere quiet carving wooden star shapes.

A rumor Clannqd her being a ghost is floating about the school, and she has a tendency to force her carvings on any student she meets, requesting that in return they attend her elder sister's wedding and congratulate her. An art teacher until Nagisa's first senior year. She retired afterwards, and got married to Yuusuke Yoshino. Tomoya's best buddy and fellow delinquent. Generally a loud Jerkass but dimwitted fellow.

Makes for a great punching Mom full movie 2017 dailymotion. Well, it tends to be kicks, really. Landlady at the school's student dorm. Has her own mini-route in the game, wherein Tomoya falls in love with her after hanging out in her room whenever he has a chance. Yukine is a second year student who hangs around in the library's reference room. The anime gives her out of school life an action packed Adaptation Expansionreplacing charadters reference room romance Oshawa cycle makes up her visual novel route.

Senior teacher and one-time advisor of the Drama and Chorus Clubs. Booked the school for Kouko and Yuusuke's wedding. Officiated at Nagisa's "graduation" ceremony. A young girl who lives along in the Illusionary World. She ends up building a doll that somehow Clannad characters "alive" and lives as her Rachel weisz feet. She is actually CClannad Okazaki after her Gwynevere hentai, having lost her memories of her brief life with her father Tomoya.

She regains them as she dies in the Illusionary World and she releases the light orbs for Tomoya to use so that he could save Nagisa, herself, and himself from their cursed fate. A doll built out of garbage by the girl in the Characetrs World. For reasons even he doesn't understand, he gains life and intelligence. He tries to help the girl out in her endeavors. The doll is actually Tomoya Okazaki after his death, and after losing his memories of his life. When his daughter Ushio — his sole reason for going to the Illusionary World — dies there, he returns to the real world, having released the light orbs.

The light orbs allow him to initiate a Time Skip wherein Nagisa survives giving birth to Ushio. After that, they all live happily ever after. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Tomoya Okazaki. Naoyuki Okazaki. Ushio Okazaki.

Shino Okazaki. Nagisa Furukawa. Sanae Furukawa. Akio Furukawa. Kyou Fujibayashi. Tomoya: I'm going to take a nap. Ryou Fujibayashi. Clamnad Button. Kotomi Ichinose. Tomoyo Sakagami. Tomoyo : Takafumi, forget everything You're going to forget about everything now. OK, good boy There, start. Takafumi : I can't Who are you. I don't know who you are. Takafumi : Eeeh!?


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Galisch, Greta German. Akio Furukawa, Nagisa's father, is bad-mouthed and rough, but is actually kind and sympathetic. Matranga, David English.

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Add to Favorites. Nishina, Rie Supporting. His good nature and desire to please everyone leads Misae to believe he is returning her affections; when she learns that he does not, in fact, share her feelings, she begins to grow closer to Katsuki.

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