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Fingertip sized heart from a tiny little fetus approximately 20 weeks gestation iheartautopsy ihearthearts fetalheart anatomicalheart anatomy grossanatomy embryology heart tinyheart science autopsy dissection pathology morgue healtheducation healthcare hospital stillborn miscarriage pregnant pregnancy ultrasound 20weeks 5months. I have never seen this in person at autopsy, but I have had a case once where a family had a baby with this and the baby died. The mom got pregnant again and then she had testing done while pregnant and found out the baby had this again and decided to terminate the pregnancy. The skin forms large, diamond-shaped plates that are separated by deep cracks fissures. These skin abnormalities affect the shape of the eyelids, nose, mouth, and ears, and limit movement of the arms and legs. Restricted movement of the chest can lead to breathing difficulties and respiratory failure.