There is no true love without jealousy quotes. 40+ Jealousy Quotes - lovequotesmessages

There is no true love without jealousy quotes. Jealousy Quotes about Love

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There is no True Love without Jealousy ♥ | Sayings | Home decor, Decor, Home

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I read that quote on a social networking site and that explained me how less this generation understands of love. I believe love is pious and it happens only when you believe religiously in that relation. What does one mean by true love? Love is a feeling that is so pure in its being itself that there is no question of falseness in it. If its love it cannot be fake. When we connect with someone and love is the catalyst it itself is such a positive bend in your life that your perception about all changes and then there is no space for negatives like jealousy left.