Interesting facts about istanbul. 10 Interesting Facts About Turkey |

Interesting facts about istanbul. 10 Interesting Facts About Turkey

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12 Interesting Facts About Istanbul

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How many of these facts did you already know? When the Ottomans invaded, they built an imperial mosque on the top of each hill. Dating from , it uniquely has six minarets and is one of only two mosques in the country built in this style. The celebrated author, Agatha Kristie took residence in the famous Pera hotel while she wrote, her famous novel, called Murder on the Orient Express. Within the book, riding the historical train line of the Orient Express running from Istanbul to Paris, the character Hercule Poirot famously solves a murder that happens on the train. Istanbul is home to the world's fourth largest diamond. The Spoon-makers diamond, held within high-security conditions at the Topkapi Museum is a beautiful and stunning jewel admired by many.