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Pack rat nest images.

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MPR - Pack Rats

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Woodrats -- members of the Genus Neotoma -- are large-bodied and long-tailed rats with in our Arizona forms relatively well-haired tails. White-throated Woodrats have a definite association with stands of Cholla and Prickly Pear cacti, which they use to build their nests, cutting the cacti into "-long pieces and carrying them to the nest site in their mouths. The cacti parts serve both as nest-protectors and as food. There may also be some underground tunnels leading to the nest, which is built of fine grasses or shredded fibers and about 6" in diameter, with an interior cavity about half that size. This serves as a daytime retreat well shaded from the intense summertime heat and as a nursery. These woodrats feed mainly on Cholla cacti where these are available, or on Prickly Pear. They may therefore need to drink no free water.