Padded handcuffs. Tie-Ups Handcuffs -- Padded Handcuffs

Padded handcuffs. Padded Handcuffs

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A little light bondage is nothing new for my husband and me, but the cuffs were a nice change of pace from our usual knotted scarf because of the comfort factor: The faux-fur lining is soft and the leather is pliable. I liked that the big buckles made the whole thing feel kinky, but not sleazy. I relished the chance to surrender, and my favorite part was lying flat on my back in a helpless position, attached to the bed with the cuffs. My only complaint: When we wanted to switch positions, we usually had to detach the cuffs completely from the bedposts and then reattach them, which was a bit of a mood killer. We'll definitely keep these handy for a future night at home.