Rabbit hunting australia. History of Feral Rabbits in Australia

Rabbit hunting australia. Hunting in Australia

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Hunting in Australia - Wikipedia

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February 14, No, an estimated 55 million of them are hopping about this wide brown land, including all large members of the macropod family. So what is the answer? If you think that number is high, before the release of the myxoma virus in the s, an astonishing million of the little environmental vandals were running around the countryside. Rabbits are significantly detrimental to the environment in a few ways. Their ability to quickly breed in numbers that, left uncontrolled, can reach plague proportions sees them competing with native herbivores such as potoroos, bettongs, pademelons and so on. Their burrowing, along with their habit of grazing vegetation down to bare earth in semi-arid country, is a major cause of soil erosion.